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ST 350 Thermometer Inframerah

ST 350 Thermometer Inframerah tanpa kontak / thermometer tembak / non contact thermometer



Thermometer tembak dengan laser pointer, sangat mudah pemakaiannya hanya dengan mengarahkan laser pointer ke obyek yang akan diukur, hasil seketika ditampilkan di LCD..
Aman karena tidak harus dekat dengan obyek
range 25~ 400 , ± ( 2% + 1 ) , -13~ 752 , ± ( 2% + 1 )

Infrared Thermometer ST350

Infrared Thermometer ST350 measurement principle is the object (such as steel) fired infrared radiant energy into electrical signals with the infrared radiation of the size of objects (such as steel) itself corresponds to the temperature, according to transformed into electrical signals size, determine the objects (such as the molten steel) temperatures.

Noncontact measuring .

  • Inside laser aimer.
  • White backlight LCD.
  • D:S=10:1
  • Auto-data hold and auto-turn off (Auto turn off after 15sec. when release the button).
  • A great many of emissivity symbol.
  • Use abroad: can used for food, safety-inspect, fire inspect, power vehicle and diesel engine, plastic factory etc.
  • Can select C/F


  • Resolution: 1 C(2F)
  • Measuring range: -25~400C(-13~752F)
  • Response time: 0.5sec
  • Spectral response: 8~14um
  • Emissivity: 0.95
  • Battery: one 9V battery
  • Measuring precision: -25~400C, +/-(2%+1C)
  • -13~752F, +/-(2%+1F)
  • Ambient operating range: -10~40C(14~104F)
  • Relative humidity: 10~80%RH

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